Beauty treatments are feminine, fun and definitely improve our appearance. There should be a time every week devoted to beauty treatments (we love Saturdays) Find a convenient time that works for your and make this 'a happy place'.

1. A Facial Mask

A facial mask should make the list of your weekly routine. Your face will feel smother afterwards.

2. An Exfoliating Bath

There is something about an exfoliating sugar scrub! Apart from the fact that it helps get rid of dead skin. you feel fresh. light and smoother afterwards.

3. Manicure

There should be a time weekly, dedicated to being pretty; when you can make ot time to files your nails, pain them and just feel pretty.

4) A Foot Soak/Pedicure

Our tootsies need as much pampering as our fingernails, the feet should equally be pampered, soak your feet in warm water and buff away dead skin then moisturize.

5) A Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment

A deep hair conditioning treatment for the hair is a must beauty treatment at least each week. It keeps your hair smooth,silky and healthy. Steaming the hair on one of  those occasions is equally a good idea.