The festive season is here and everyone is gearing up for the fun they plan on having during this time. The holidays come with shopping, parties and hook ups, so looking stunning should be on your list ladies, not just your hair and shoes but the perfect manicure!

You dont want to be at a party this season  holding your glass of champagne and your nails are a not looking fancy, its unacceptable this season is the time to try new edgy and bold trends even manicures. Imagine you're at a party and your there struggling with your chicken drumstick and its not looking too pretty, it sincerely wont matter if you;re doing it with a drop dead gorgeous manicure.

Though festive season is associated with the colours red and green, ditch that this year, no red or green Christmas inspired manicures go for something new and fresh.

Here are three nail polish trends to follow this Christmas:

1. Metallic nail polish : Metallics come in gold, silver and bronze,they are  very edgy and stand out. There are now new types of metallic lacquers that change colours when applied, they are known as metallic shade shifters.

2. Caviar nail polish : This kind of nail polish is special, they come in form of pearl-like balls which is applied by first:

Having your clear base coat of nail polish

Adding a second coat for a strong base

Carefully rolling the nails in your ‘caviar pearls’

Patting down the pearl beads into place

Adding a matte finish to keep the pearls in place

3. Glitter manicures : The festive season is time for all things shiny so its the perfect time to get your nails all shiny. Glitter nail polish is feminine, fun, gives your nails a dazzling effect  and its clearly a good choice for the holidays.