The beauty vlogger who earlier showed a earthy natural look for Valentine's day (here) shares a second inspiration a dark and vampy look that's bold, fierce, sultry all at the same time after she was urged to do a "dark version of the soft and pretty look".

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1. She starts off right after already defining her brows

2. She primes the eyelids to create a perfect base for the eyeshadow and sets the crease with a muted orange hue, applying it all over the crease.

3. She goes in again with a reddish brow eyeshadow for more colour to the crease. She applies a red eyeshadow.

4. She adds a dark shade; a dark brown eyeshadow for an ombre transition around the crease.

5. She smudges black cream liner around the upper eyelids as base for black eyeshadow to create a smokey crease

6. She blends in the area with ashy brown eyeshadow

7. She does a winged liner with a felt tip liner over the dark eyeshadow

8. She applies mascara to her lashes

9. She uses dark kohl on the waterline

10. She moves to the face using the Nivea After Shave as primer for the skin (this may not work for everyone)

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11. She colour corrects

12. She applies foundation

13. She conceals under the eyes, forehead and under the bridge of her nose

14. She applies setting powder under the eyes, the bridge of the nose and forehead and leaves it to bake

15. After about 10 minutes she dusts off the excess powder

16. She contours the cheekbones, nose, jawline and forehead

17. She blends all the product seamlessly

18. She applies blush

19. She highlights the Cupid's bow, under the brows and cheekbones and blends

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20. She applies a golden eyeshadow in the corner of the eyes/waterline

21. She applies loose powder

22. She applies liquid lipstick

23. She applies setting spray all over the face and gently pushes all products in with a beauty blender