Lola OJ shares how best to use dipbrowpomade for flawless brows.

The beauty enthusiast and blogger shows an easy technique to perfectly fill in the brows in easy steps giving the option of taming the eyebrows as simple and fast as possible.

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From grooming the eyebrows making sure the hairs are all smoothed out, filling in the brows with Anastasia dipbrow pomade in the desired shape (usually the best for your face shape) afterwards neaten the brows with concealer for a clean look not forgetting to thin out the beginning of the brows the process is simplified.

You should always blend in the concealer for a seamless cover to give off a natural look. Filling in the brows with pomade is easier compared to drawing on the brows which some people get lopsided or uneven, but ultimately the best technique differs from a person to another.

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In easy steps, watch Lola OJ demonstrate the technique.