Yesterday, reported a breaking story on L in their Velvetines collection.

The brand reached out to earlier today to clear the air on what actually happened, revealed that the FDA letter was only in regard to one of their Velvetines, Red Velvet lipstick.

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The brand also  responded to the FDA warning letter in a statement below:

" received a warning letter from FDA in reference to the cosmetic pigments Ultramarines and Ferric Ferrocyanide printed on the Velvetines box. The letter was a request for clarification as to whether those ingredients are in the product, and the FDA does not claim to have tested the products for the presence of these ingredients in the formula. In fact, those ingredients are not in Lime Crime’s Velvetines products".

"Lime Crime has been in active communication with the FDA regarding the letter. As per FDA, Lime Crime is complying with the request to provide documentation that these ingredients are not part of the Velvetines formula. We are confident that once FDA reviews the proof, they will understand that it's simply a labeling error and consider the case resolved".

"Ultramarines and Ferric Ferrocyanide are commonly used ingredients which appear in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products, including eyeshadow, face & skin products, and soaps. They are approved for lipstick use in Europe, but not in the U.S".

The brand also revealed that the issue is expected to be 100% resolved by early next week.