Skincare Secrets: How carrots makes your skin glow

Carrots are not just great snacks and vegetables to munch on, but they are great for your skin!

Carrot is great for your skin

Carrots are rich in vitamins, beta-carotene, and antioxidants and these ingredients are work magic on your skin,

This skin glow isn’t gotten by eating carrots but, the best way to have carrots work on your skin is by using its extract in soaps, lotions, and topical ointment like carrot seed oil.

Carrots help you have glowing skin in the following ways.

  •   It helps cell regeneration, and thus helps to straighten out wrinkles, rejuvenates your skin and makes your face appear on your younger and fresher because of the beta-carotene in carrot that is converted to Vitamin A.
  • Carrots also have antioxidants that reduce damage to your skin and inflammation caused by free radicals in the environment. 
  • Vitamin C in carrots helps your skin have a great glow and lightens your skin. 
  • Carrot root extract has lycopene which helps to keep your skin moisturized. 

Most products just add a little carrot extract, too much would cause skin discolouration and irritation especially when exposed to heat and sunlight.

The best way to use carrot seed oil or carrot seed extract in the general is to make it part of your night skincare routine.


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