Major causes of smells in shoes include foot injury, sweat due to moisture that develops inside the shoe, bacteria and so on.

This smell can be embarrassing especially when you are in a public gathering and you take out your shoes.

The moisture builds up inside the shoe and it becomes a breeding room for odour-producing bacteria and because there is no breathing space in your feet when you have your shoes on, the smell gets stuck in there.

Now that you have figured out why your shoe smells, you can use these quick and easy home remedies to help you get rid of that stench in your shoes:

1. Teabags

Not only do teabags help to eliminate the stench in our shoes, but they also kill the bacteria in our shoes. This is because they contain tannin. All you need to do is boil like two teabag and put into your shoes for a few hours, after which you can take them out.

2. Baking soda

All you need to do to that particular shoe that keeps embarrassing you will the ridiculous stench is to apply some amount of baking soda into the shoe. Leave it overnight so that it can absorb the smell. Another way is to put baking soda inside socks and tie them up and put into your shoe overnight. Whichever method you choose, it will help deodorize your shoe.

These household tricks will help you get rid of the odor in your shoes [Usual Mayhem]
These household tricks will help you get rid of the odor in your shoes [Usual Mayhem]

3. Rubbing alcohol

Get some rubbing alcohol to apply on a ball of cotton wool and put inside your shoe or pour on a spray bottle and spray into your shoes, allow it to stay inside your shoes overnight, the effect of this is that it will help you get rid of the smell inside your shoe and it will also help disinfect the shoe.

4. Put in the freezer

Another way to stop your shoes from smelling is too put them in a plastic bag and put inside the freezer overnight. This method helps to kill those odour-producing bacteria.

5. Dry your shoes

This is should be like a regular practice. Make it a duty to always dry out your shoes in the sun. This will help to prevent odour-producing bacteria from growing inside the shoe