It's about that time to think about revamping your hair for the sunny weather. Now is the perfect time to try a new, lighter shade, but this year, less is more. The best blondes for 2015 are natural-looking, with perfectly weaved highlights, creamy shades, and soft balayage streaks.

To help inspire your next salon visit, we've taken a look at some of the new blonde styles being sported by some of our favourite celebs. From Kristen Bell's perfect baby blonde to Alice Eve's darker hue, these are the colours we'll be pinning for our next trip to the hairdresser!

Of course you must remember that blonde couldn’t possible suite everyone, but if you have rocked this hair colour before, and you know you killed it, these are five interesting shades rocked by popular American celebs, you may want to try.

Kristen Bell

Kristen's hair is the perfect creamy California blonde, a great shade to choose if your light in complexion and haven’t tried this shade before.

Cat Deeley

Can you believe Cat's highlights are painted on freehand? The presenter is a huge fan of the balayage technique, and her naturally light brown hair makes the perfect base for these buttery highlights. If you are one of those with naturally brown hair, and your itching for a change of look, this should suit you perfectly.

Taylor Swift

Taylor is lucky enough to be a natural ash blonde, a shade women pay hundreds in colours and toners to emulate. This shade of blonde will work better for chocolate skin tones.


Beyoncé's tried every colour, cut, and weave going, but her latest curly bob with graduated blonde colour is definitely one of our favourites. It manages to be relaxed and sexy at the same time. This isn’t particular so its definitely worth the risk.

Reese Witherspoon

After a brief foray into brunette, Reese is now back to the blonde we know and love. Her light golden blonde shade looks brilliant against her blue eyes. We may not have coloured eyes as she does, but hair colour that makes your eyes pop and stands out, is definitely a go!