The tummy is the body part Nigerian ladies are most

Your core:

Always look to do a lot of high intensity workouts that strengthen and exercise your core, from planks to crunches and sit ups. In addition, when you exercise your back, it tightens your waist.

Walk talk:

Unfortunately, lots of Nigerian ladies lack good standing and walking posture, which is great for creating the illusion of a slimmer figure. Aside from making your stomach look slimmer, standing and walking right takes about 10 pounds off you.

Get fruity:

Gets loads of fruits such as pineapple and pawpaw, which include enzymes that help digestion and deflation. Also studies reveal that blueberries are great for reducing body fat.

Quick deflation:

If you want to feel less bloated in your tummy, here are a few quick suggestions. Drop the sodas, fatty and salty foods, as you retain more water and feel full. Also, eat slower or it can cause you to swallow air and feel bloated. Finally, chewing gum can let air get trapped in your tummy.