Eyebrows frame the face perfectly and

The makeup artiste chose the New Eye Brow Definer and Zaron Mini Brush Set from Zaron Cosmetics for the tutorial done in easy steps.

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Starting off by showing the angle brush and spoolie, she:

1. Starts by brushing the eyebrows into place using the spoolie

2. Using the angled brush (using the gel formula) she fills in the brows where there are sparse hair for a natural look.

3. She brushes the hair into the product for a seamless look (keeping the brows within frame)

4. She applies the highlight under the brow line to neaten, define and highlight the brows

(you can skip highlighting the top brow for a more natural look but if going for a more defined look, highlight the top of the brow -using one in your skintone- as well to neaten and define).

Products Used:

1. Zaron Cosmetics' New Eye Brow Definer: an easy to use eyebrow kit which is perfect for creating fuller, more defined and long lasting eyebrows with gel and powder formulas that can be used alone or together. This products comes with two double-sided brushes for easy application.

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2. The Zaron Mini Brush Set: perfect for makeup on the go! Get professional-looking makeup with these amazing brushes. This personal set holds 8 brushes: Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Contour Brush, Lip Brush, Angle Brush, Mascara wand/Spoolie.