According to the New York Post, Pastuk allegedly enlisted writers from Vice by offering them $10,000 to fly to Australia with mysterious cases. Pastuk also took advantage of their low salaries when he approached them. None of the Vice writers took up the offer.

Slava Pastuk's roommate did take up the offer and is now in prison. Jordan Gardner who is a music producer was caught in December 2015 with cocaine worth $5m at an airport in Sydney.

It was reported that when Gardner tried to escape from the arrangement, a gun was held to his head by the men of the smuggling ring. The men threatened his girlfriend and wife.

Gardner and three others are presently waiting to be sentenced. Jordan Gardner might be facing life in imprisonment.

Slava Pastuk was fired from Noisey in February 2015 after some employees filed complaints against him. According to NY Post, an email about Gardener's arrest and the editor's alleged involvement was sent before he was fired.

Vice was established in 1994 and it proudly proclaimed that it was a counter-cultural magazine. It was created by founded by Suroosh Alvi, Gavin McInnes and Shane Smith.

VICE has carved a lane for itself by covering topics on sex, drugs, politics, pop culture and millennial-related culture as well.

Noisey is the music arm of the website and it has succeeded in profiling artists from all over the world.