Being short has its advantages, you are considered cute and can creep into man holes that people who are six feet tall cant but more often that not it absolutely blows to the runt of the gang.

Here are some problems accompanied by being vertically challenged.

1. You have to wear heels a lot of the time, not so bad too look glamorous but the pain!

2. In a car ride you’ll automatically be stuck in the middle seat.

3.Going for concert will suck except you have stilts or are in the front row.

4.Making out with your boyfriend will hurt, stretched neck, standing on tip toes, its basically a workout session.

5. You can't own a king sized bed, no one will find you in it.

6.All your hopes of being a supermodel die with your height

7.You have to raise your head higher than usual when you are being spoken to.

8. Hand holding with the boo is a joke.

9. During sex you will most likely have to be on top more often than not.

10. Carrying a child only emphasises how short you are.

However no matter how short you are, every lady wants a man who towers above her.