Cash Money star Drake will not be performing at this year’s Grammy Nominations Concert tonight, December 6 due to ‘scheduling conflicts’. The rapper has just apologized to his fans few hours before the event; even though he has nothing to do on that same day, according to his website.

Drake has been heavily promoted as the star of the event since October and it’s quite disappointing that he is bailing on the Grammys less than 24 hours to the show.  According to his rep, “Unfortunately, due to scheduling complications, Drake will no longer be performing. He is currently in the middle of his nationwide Would You Like A Tour? And sincerely apologizes to his fans that he can’t be there”… Erm what about the organizers?

According to TMZ, Drake has nothing booked for him on that same day so why isn’t he coming for the event? His camp is yet to clarify on the real reason his schedule forced him to cancel at the last minute.

With the rap star dropping out as the centerpiece of the event, organizers have reportedly called in “Roar” singer Katy Perry, Grammy winner Taylor Swift and singer Lordes to act as his replacement. Hmm! Not so bad after all.