Media personality Toke Makinwa who not long ago ended things with her long time off and on boyfriend Maje Ayida updated her video blog 'Toke Moments' in an episode called 'Things we dont want to see in 2014'.

The gorgeous presenter addressed certain misdemeanours by Nigerians that she felt needed not come in to the new year like 'subbing' people on twitter, tweet fights (Linda Ikeji and Yvonne Nelson obviously didnt get the memo and  the war between light skinned and dark skinned people.

She also mentioned amongst many other things 'kissing and telling' as something that needed to stay in 2013 and it sounded very much like she was referring to her ex; Maje Ayida. She went on to say that kissing and telling and ranting like a woman isnt the best thing to do. And also that what ever happens between two people should stay between them. This sounded like a shot at Maje who went on to talk about the downfall of this relationship with Toke.

Watch the video here.