Rofiat Hussein, 37, has requested  an Ojaoba Sharia Court of Arbitration, Ibadan, to end her marriage to husband, Nurain, on the basis of sexual deprivation and neglect.

Hussein stated that her tough experiences began as soon as she married her husband, who insisted that she must become a full time housewife.

According to the complainant, Nurain turned down her request to take up a teaching job at a private university she was interested in.

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She said, “As soon as we wedded, Nurain directed me to become a full time housewife which meant that I must do nothing to earn a living.

“At the same time, there had been little or nothing to cater for the growing responsibilities in the home, especially the educational needs of the children.

“I pleaded with him to give me a portion of his shop to start selling some petty things, but Nurain rejected the idea.

“I then told him that I secured a teaching job in a private university and it did not go down well with him.

“Nurain and I were products of that same university for our degrees, but I have since proceeded for my Masters and I am even on my PH.D. programme now.

“Nurain has not shown any understanding over this, but instead quarrels with me for no reason.

“During the last two Ramadan fasting periods, Nurain did not even know that I existed.

“My lord, Nurain has locked up our bedroom that could serve as a point of meeting for any sexual activity.

“The only reason he gave for our last quarrel was that I refused to carry his bag for him after opening the entrance door.

“I have since reported him to all his relatives, but nothing has changed", she said.

Sheikh Hamad Tiamiyu, the President of the court, told the complainant to provide a list of witnesses that can support her claims.

Until then, the case has been adjourned till September 29, 2016.