The Alimosho Customary Court , Lagos, heard a case of a woman, Imabong Akwaoku, who is asking for divorce from her husband, Patrick, who reportedly fled from their home in the year 2006.

According to Akwaoku, she has not set her eyes on the estranged husband since he left their house ten years ago.

She explained that Patrick abandoned her and the children following an incident of fraud which occurred at his office in the year he disappeared.

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“My husband disappeared from the house 10 years ago to an unknown destination, he refused to either call or come home to see me and his children",

“When his company was to arrest him, he ran away from the house and abandoned us."

“When his company could not found him, I was arrested and detained so that my husband can come out of hiding."

“Despite this, my husband did not surface, it was my family that came to bail me."

The complainant told the court that her husband often nags her and their children when they tried to contact him over the phone.

At other times, his phone was unreachable.

“Patrick was always shouting at us whenever we called; later, his phone numbers were no longer reachable. It’s been 10 years now; I don’t even know anything about him.

“When I contacted his uncle on phone, he told me that my husband was in Port-Harcourt."

Lamenting, Akwaoku stated that she had been handling the sole responsibility of catering for their children which has been an arduous task.

In her ruling on the matter, Alhaja S.O Mumuni, who is the court president adjourned the case till September 26, 2016.