Worried about his wife's infidelity with his friend, a man living in Yeoville, Johannesburg, planted a precautionary 'juju' called 'muthi' or 'magun' in Nigeria, meant to stop a philandering woman from sleeping around.

The man who is from Zimbabwe, also warned his friend whom he suspected of sleeping with his wife that he had now laced the potent charm on his wife and should stay away from her.

But the friend, apparently not believing the man, ignored the warning and still went ahead to sleep with the woman and in the process, ended up getting stuck together during sex.

According to timeslive.co.za, a neighbour, Priscilla Ndlovu, who claims to be a resident at the same block of flats, said they heard screams from the room where the woman stays.

"At first we thought it was just the screams of sexual pleasure, but it turned to be screams for help."

The other neighbours had to call in the building security who forced the door open and found the naked couple stuck together, pleading for help, but nobody could separate them.

They had to call an ambulance which took the tangled couple to te hospital while a crowd gathered trying to catch a glimpse of the shamed couple.

A sangoma (witch doctor) told the newspaper that locking a woman with 'muthi' was a common way of catching and punishing cheating lovers in Zimbabwe.