Last night, Sunday, January 5, 2017, the 51st edition of the

In America, the Super Bowl is a big deal. Americans believe it is the biggest sports event in the world. Don't tell them that the Champions League final is actually a sporting event that the whole world watches.

There are two things that make the Super Bowl a worldwide event. First, the halftime performance by a music superstar. Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna are some of the stars who have performed at the halftime show of the Super Bowl. It is such a big deal that one of the ways to measure music super stardom is by performing at the Super Bowl.

Another reason why the Super Bowl is a worldwide phenomenon of sorts is because of the ads. To get an advert slot during the Super Bowl is very expensive, as a matter of fact, the most expensive. Yet top brands pay a lot for its commercials to air during the game. The cost for a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl is $5m.

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Last night was no exception. All the top brands came out to play. There were 51 Super Bowl adverts during the game. Most of the adverts reflected the political mood of the country especially on the issue of immigration.

It wasn't a strictly serious affair through and through. There were some funny ads as well. Super Bowl ads is an event on its own just like the half time show.

The world might not understand American Football but the adverts are creative enough for the word to grasp.