Lamboginny with some top entertainers will be live at the Juvenile home of the Nigerian Prison Service in Abeokuta Ogun State to celebrate Christmas in grand style with the teenage offenders. This is surely going to be a lasting experience for those children and it will be an avenue to show them how important they are to the community.

There will also be an Inauguration of a four 5 aside football team for them. Open to any sponsor to pick up.

Speaking with, the Musical Artiste/NDLEA Ambassador, Lamboginny, revealed how his heart bled for the locked up children, leading him to reach out to them.

“It's sad how we always wait for things to get really bad before we take actions.” Lamboginny said.

“In 2012 I found out about the Borstal Home for Juvenile offenders under Nigeria Prisons System in Adigbe, Abeokuta, Ogun State. Where we have young offenders between age 16-20. Some are missing children who can't locate their parents, some committed crimes, while some were brought in by their parents because they've grown so big beyond parental control.”

“My point is that this young male offenders need to be engaged with one form of education, be it formal or a vocational training. If we have close to 200 teenage male offenders locked up without distracting them with some form of education like what the Lagos State Government is doing with the Special Children School in Idi- Araba Mushin, Lagos, these children may end up becoming even more dangerous to the society at large when they get out.

“With reference to these, several unreplied letters have been written to the Government for support but we cannot always leave it all to them. So therefore, I am calling on every Nigerian to please come in any form of support so that this boys could get the proper foundation they require to become useful for themselves and the society at large when they get out.” A concerned Lamboginny said.

To support the reachout, Please  send in your gifts, clothes, books, games, vocational materials, sports wears, medication, refreshments, etc. Call 08067626330, or send a mail to .

Thank you for your love and support!