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The beauty queen who was crowned the winner of Miss Anambra 2015 competition but dethroned following the release of a raunchy photo of her, may be worrying about the 14 years jail term attached to gay relationships in Nigeria far more than a tarnished image.

The leaked video shows the lady with a striking resemblance to Chidinma, making love to another lady using a cucumber as a sex toy.

Daily post reports that a source told Vanguard that Chidinma got into the act for money, in a deal she struck with a chief.

According to the source, “First, this is an investment gone wrong. Chief (name not disclosed) sponsored Chidinma Okeke to win the pageant. Chief spent up to N 2million to ensure she emerged as the winner against other beautiful contestants,” a source told Vanguard.

“Chief also budgeted for her wardrobe and makeover pre and post beauty contest. The money was released to Miss Anambra. Chief also took her to various countries including Germany where she met other models based on the contract terms which Miss Chidinma signed with Chief.

“Part of the agreement stipulates that Chief would make her a big model and whatever proceeds that come during her reign would be shared as specified in the contract terms. Chidinma consented and signed the deal.”

Daily Post reports that the videos were released because Chidinma did not hold up her side of the bargain.

The source adds, “Chidinma emerged as the winner of Miss Anambra, got higher connections and wanted to opt out from the contract without repaying all the expenses Chief incurred. Chief warned of the consequences, but she remained adamant.

“Chief released a picture to her, requesting she comply with the payment and remit the money she is holding before her tenure comes to an end. Chidinma feigned ignorance and even boasted that Chief cannot do anything”, the source said.

The other lady is reportedly a personal assistant to Chidinma identified as Ada and was the 3rd runner up at the queen of democracy 2014 competition.

The first video clip which was released in two parts barely showed the lady's face making it hard to tell if she really was the one in the video.

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Following the release of the first clip, Chidinma took to social media to debunk the claims, writing:

"My attention has been drawn to a concocted photograph/ video being circulated in the social media wherein my face was superimposed on an existing picture of persons engaging amorous conduct through the art of photoshopping.

"This act is perpetrated by hoodlums who are out to blackmail me or tarnish my image and promising career by presenting me in bad light. I wish to say that the said image is certainly not mine by any stretch of the imagination.

"I am a highly responsible person who was brought up in a family with an impeccable reputation. I can therefore not subscribe to such act how much more engage in same.

"Meanwhile, I have referred the matter to my lawyer for possible prosecution of the culprits and civil claim. Please be advised to discountenance the said photograph/ video and regard it as handiworks of detractors. Thank you. Okeke Chidinma"

However, the second clip shows more of her face, discrediting her claims even more.