US President Barack Obama has just shared his deepest thoughts and memories of the Late GreatNelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela at the ongoing Mandela Memorial in Johannesburg South Africa. The second most powerful man in the world compared Madiba to legends like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Ghandi all in one speech and he will like ‘to live  and achieve’ like his hero Mandela.

President Obama made mention of so many things but was so keen on Mandela’s fight for justice, change, love and peace in the world and not just for the people of South Africa. “Mandela thought us all about the power of ideals, the importance of reasoning, the oneness of humanity and was a very practical human being.” He said in his speech.

Obama further acknowledged the essence of Mandela’s rise to international recognition saying “he was not afraid to compromise for the sake of a larger goal and he was true to his vision of protecting the minority and the majority as well”. He said, “he was a fair man and changed all hearts, those he inspired and now it’s time for us to celebrate a good life.

Although, “it takes a man like Nelson Mandela to be not only a prisoner but a jailer as well,” President Obama urged the entire world to take Mandela’s legacy and integrity to change the world, “it’s a time for self-reflection. It’s time to ask ourselves ‘how well have I taken his lessons’ into my life?” he added “Madiba showed we can change and we too can make it in this life through his lessons”.

Obama ended his 20+ minute tribute by saying “We’ll never see the likes of Nelson Mandela. He makes me want to be a better man…we will miss him deeply.”

May God bless the memory of Nelson Mandela.