A reader, Hannah, sent this disturbing letter seeking for advice on what she should do after a man of God she had gone to for prayers ended up raping her in the guise of spiritual deliverance.

"My name is Hannah, a 32-year-old single lady whose search for a husband led me into the hands of a dubious man of God who later raped and duped me all in the name of spiritual deliverance.

I was introduced to the pastor by a close friend who told me he had the powers to deliver me and get me a husband. When we got to his church somewhere in the outskirts of Lagos, I should have suspected something because the place was a shanty but I felt good things do not always come in a great packages.

When I met the man, he clearly told me everything about my life and how I have struggled to get a man despite all my good heart.

It was as if he had an open book on me and when he told me I had to do some assignments to cleanse me spiritually, with a promise that my problems will come to an end, I agreed immediately.

Apart from the money he collected from me to buy the items he would need for the deliverance, he said i had to spend seven nights in the church for prayers and fasting.

I had done the assignments and started the night prayers when on the third day, he told me he had to give me spiritual baths every night. I was sceptical at first but since I had gotten to that stage, I agreed.

And that was when I faced my worst ordeal because during the bath, the pastor dipped his fingers into my private part and fondled my breasts and at one point, I felt dizzy and did not know what happened to me after that, only to wake up late into the night to meet the man on top of me raping me. I was so weak I could not fight him off me.

When he was done, he used a white handkerchief to clean my private part and told me if I ever told anyone, I would run mad.

Since then, things have been going from bad to worse for me. Before now, at least I still had men coming for me but now, no man is even looking at me while I always dream of the pastor making love to me.

What should I do in this situation?"

What should a woman who was raped by her pastor do?

How Nigeria voted:

71% - She should report him to the police

29% - She should seek spiritual help

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