It was after one of such outings that he discovered condoms in her handbag and she has been begging him since then to forgive her but he is not sure he would want to live with that heartache.

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"My name is Kingsley, a 35-year-old man. I have been married to Niki for three years now but I think I made a big mistake settling down with her because of her flirtatious tendencies.

We have a daughter which I adore – in fact, it was the pregnancy that made me marry her as I did not want to have a child outside wedlock – but I am now sure I made a big mistake.

I met Niki when she came to market her bank in our company and while we were dating, many friends tried to dissuade me from taking the relationship serious with stories of what female bank marketers do to get and retain their rich customers but I felt Niki was different.

Apart from being very beautiful with a very good carriage, Niki always has a way when she wants to get something and she made me believe she only used her persuasive abilities to get her clients.

Along the line, she got pregnant and my mother insisted I must get married to her. But since we got married, I have come to the sad realization that my wife is not only sleeping around with the so-called clients but doing so brazenly.

There was a time she called that her boss told her to wait behind for some account reconciliation and would be home late but when I later called one of her colleagues who is a family friend, she innocently told me that she and Niki left the office at the same time and wondered who told her to stay behind as the boss she mentioned was not even in town.

At times, my wife would get a call during weekends and tell me her attention was needed in the office and I often wondered why a bank would want a marketer to always come in and help sort out issues.

I knew she was lying to me but since I had no prove, I could not accuse her until I made this strange discovery of a pack of condoms in her handbag.

She was in the bathroom and I needed the car keys and asked her where she kept it because she was the person that used it the night before.

She called back that I should look in her bag for the keys and when I opened her bag, I was shocked when I saw the packet of condom hidden in the bag.

I brought it out and noticed that two condoms had been used. I was deflated and sat down like a defeated man. When she came out of the bathroom and saw me with the condoms, she just stood there and stared at me.

I knew she was cooking up a nice tale to give me but I did not give her the chance. I stood up and left the house and drove to a friend’s place where I stayed till very late before going back home.

She tried to bring up the issue but I told her I was not in a mood to discuss it and in the morning, I took our daughter to my mom though I did not tell her or anyone what my wife did.

Since then, she has been begging me to forgive but how could I ever forgive such a woman? I think I am done with this marriage.


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What would you do if you found condoms in your wife’s bag?

How Nigeria voted:

I will divorce her immediately - 25%

I will forgive her if she confesses and apologizes - 33%

I will give her the beating of her life - 5%

That will be the end of the marriage - 39%

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