The sudden reappearance of Princewill, her first and only true love, is making her have a rethink. She does not want to marry Clinton and still sneak behind him to see her lover.

"My name is Ogechukwu, a 28-year-old lady who is about to get married in December. But I strongly have doubts if the marriage will work out because my ex-boyfriend is back in the scene and has successfully destabilized my world.

My fiance, Clinton, has done my wine carrying and everyone in my family is looking forward to the wedding but with the appearance of Princewill, I am not sure I can go ahead and marry Clinton.

I met Prince when I was in the university and he was my first real love. In fact, I was crazy about Prince and I could anything for him.

He had proposed to me and I gladly accepted but he was just struggling then and I was ready to wait for him to get himself straightened out.

About five years ago, Prince managed to travel out of the country with the intention of making money and coming back so we could get married.

He first went to Malaysia and from there, moved to China and that was when our communication channel was broken.

Prince suddenly stopped communicating and his phone lines were inaccessible. He was no more on the Internet and social media platforms.

Not even members of his family could tell me where he was and they too could not locate him. I was devastated and for a long time, I was going about my daily activities like a zombie.

All these while, my family members were on my neck to move on and get married to other men who sought for my hand but I would not listen to them.

I was waiting for my Prince to come back to me. But last year, one of my aunts took me to a church where a prophet told me that Prince was gone for good and I should better move on with my life.

After a lot of persuasions, I decided to accept Clinton's proposal and plans were put in motion for the wedding.

But just last month, Prince walked back into my life and my world has never been the same again. I would not know how he got my number but he just called that he was back in Nigeria.

I was dumbfounded but when he said he wanted to see me, I did not hesitate and took a taxi to his hotel and there was my Prince, as handsome as he was when he left.

All of a sudden, all the pent up feeling rushed back to me and I knew there and then I had never stopped loving Prince.

I was crying while he was telling me all he went through including being locked up in a Chinese jail for three years.

I did not know when he stripped off my clothes and had sex with me and it was as it was the old times.

Since that day, I see Prince almost on a daily basis and the sex keeps getting better. It has so much affected my relationship with Clinton and he has been complaining bitterly about my sudden change.

But I cannot help it. Prince wants us to go to a court and get married secretly and travel out with him. I am all for the idea but I fear what will become of me in my family and community.

I really need advice.


The teaser for the day was:

Would you dump a fiance/fiancee if your true love resurfaces?

How Nigeria voted:

Yes, it is best to follow the heart - 26%

No, what is in past belongs there - 13%

It is better to forget the wedding rather than commit adultery - 61%

How would you vote here?