Men from the Igbo stock are the most handsome in Nigeria. This is the assertion of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters in response to our fun contest to find out which tribe has the most handsome men in the country.

This was shift from the female contest where women from the Hausa stock won. At the end of this voting process, the Igbo guys got 25% percent of the votes followed closely by Yoruba men at 22% while Hausa men got 17% to take third.

Fulani men were also in the mix as they 8% of the votes while guys from the Idoma, Bini and Efik/Ibibio tribes got 7%, 5% and 3% percent respectively.

Here is the poser for the final result:

Which tribe has the most handsome men?

How Nigeria voted:

17% - Hausa

22% - Yoruba

25% - Igbo

8% - Fulani

3% - Efik/Ibibio

5% - Bini

7% - Idoma

1% - Tiv

1% - ira

1% - Ijaw

2% - Urhobo

10% - Others

How would you vote?