Believe it or not, Donald Trump has been

No one saw it coming including the analysts and media who predicted that Hilary Clinton would win by a landslide. Well, this shows that polls and social media are not a reflection of reality.

The Trump presidency is a reality now and Americans and the world must brace up for it. Donald Trump said a lot of scary things during the campaign period.

Below is a list of the most absurd things we should expect from Donald Trump's presidency.

1) Bans rap music

Hip Hop bashed Donald Trump during his campaign. Rapper YG even did a song called 'Fuck Donald Trump' which became a hit among blacks and Latinos. It wouldn't be a surprise if Donald Trump makes a move to ban rap music and Beyonce included on the grounds that it debases American culture.

2) Hillary Clinton goes to jail

During his campaign, Donald Trump threatened that he would prosecute Hillary Clinton over her private e-mail scandal when she was Secretary of State. Now he is the man in the White House and he actually has the power to put Hillary Clinton behind bars.

3) Deports Trevor Noah

No late night TV host was more vocal against Trump than South African comedian Trevor Noah. The gifted comedian blasted Trump, lashed him and did brilliant sketches about him. He was so passionate in his bashing of Trump that you would think Democrats paid him. With Trump now President, Trevor Noah could be packing his bags soon.

4) Russians get free entry into America

Donald Trump has close ties with Russia. Vladimir Putin just called him on the phone to congratulate him. With his fondness for Russia, Trump might send a bill to congress to allow Russians enter America without a visa.

5) Presidential reality show

Donald Trump became immensely popular with his Apprentice show back in the day. With the possibility of a Trump TV Network in the works, we might just have the first presidential reality TV show in history.