A Lagos State-based businesswoman

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Abiola who went to her Facebook wall to put a picture of her disfigured face after the attack, said the in-law stormed her shop following a disagreement and showed her that she is above the law by emptying a canister of tear gas on her face.

This is what Abiola wrote on her wall:

“If u c dis lady, pls avoid her cos she is a bad fellow. Look at wat she did to dis poor lady. she intentionally went to her shop and poured tear gas on her sister in-law’s face,

And she is a police officer for dat matter. She took the law into her hand because she has the power to do so and she goes scot free. Please good citizen of Nigeria, is this right?”

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Though the victim did not state what the disagreement was that led to the attack, it stills calls for concern when police officers in the country take laws into their hands and act as if they are above the law.