When I met , I thought I had met an angel who showed a lot of comportment, calmness and overly nice. Little did I know that deep down, she was a spoilt brat who did everything to satisfy herself without thinking about the next person.

As an only child, her parents had pampered her right from childhood and she actually grew up with that attitude, though she was able to hide her true character while we were dating.

Anytime I went to visit her, her mother regaled me with how she is a very fragile person and would not be happy if I hurt her but I had vowed never to make her unhappy.

But the indices that showed I would be in for a tough time began playing itself out immediately after our wedding as Aramide began showing traits of an authoritative personality.

She began by laying down the rules, the most important being that my relatives, especially my mother, would stay away from our house.

Her second rule was that my friends would be most unwelcome and I must let her know if anyone was coming to visit and she must approve of the person before he or she comes to visit.

I just laughed at this, believing she was just wanted us to enjoy our privacy as a newly married couple.

But another trait began playing itself out as she would fly into a temper even over the slightest issues that normally, should be laughed over. Then she went a step further by slapping me during an argument.

I was shocked at her reaction but since I have always been against anyone raising his fingers on a woman, I just walked out of the house. When I came back in the night, instead of my wife apologising for her behaviour, she berated me on why I walked out on her, how I never respected her and all that.

Her bad behaviour has continued unabated, culminating in her fighting me in public, in front of my family members and friends. I remember when she came to my office to smash the windscreen of my car and when I tried to lead her away, she slapped me as other staff members looked on in surprise.

When I report her to her mother, she would promise to talk to her but Aramide is getting worse by the day.

I can no longer take it again because of the constant embarrassment she has been giving me.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we want you to advise John on what to do. Should he divorce Aramide or just manage her flaws?