When I got married to , I thought I was doing her a favour because at her age then, because according to her, she had been used and dumped by many men who were only after her money and body, not knowing that I was entering into a slave contract.

I met Clara through a friend shortly after she came back from Europe where she had been based for many years. At first, she I did not know she was far older than I was because she is kind of petite, with a very nice body and carriage and could pass for a much younger woman.

Initially, I just wanted to have fun, especially dating a sugar mummy but as the relationship waxed stronger, Clara showed me she was not just out for a fling but for a serious affair.

She showered me with everything money can buy and even had me resign from my job to manage her business.

She bought me a car, rented an apartment for me and placed me on a huge monthly allowance. She treated me like a king and with time, made me discard every other relationship I had.

In fact, I could not cope with them any longer since Clara was always there. She could not have enough of me both sexually and otherwise.

A year into the affair, Clara told me she wanted us to get married and I accepted, without even thinking what the outcome would be like.

When I took her home to meet my parents, my mother, in particular, was aghast when I told her she was much older than me.

My father on his part forbade me from getting married to Clara but I insisted that we loved each other and that I was old enough to decide what I wanted.

My siblings and friends too, were not comfortable with the idea but I insisted and we went to a court to formalize our marriage.

The first six months of the marriage was heaven on earth as my wife tended to my every need and was at my beck and call. But after that period, everything went awry and it clearly dawned on me that I had been trapped by a world-wise woman.

Gradually, Clara made me her houseboy, personal assistant, cook, cleaner and sex toy; that is anytime she felt like. I was no longer the husband but the slave to my wife.

She collected the car she gave me, stopped my monthly allowance as well as restricted my movements and forbade anyone from visiting me.

Then she started having affairs with younger men, even bringing them to the house. The whole thing has been going on like a Nollywood movie, only that it is happening to me.

On two occasions that I tried to leave, Clara would get thugs to trail me to where I hid and beat the hell out of me.

The last straw that broke my back was when she got me arrested on trumped up charges of stealing her money and locked me up for more than three weeks. I was only released when she made me sign an undertaking that I would never leave her.

I am seriously trapped in here and I need help fast.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we ask: what would you advise Kenneth to do in this situation he has found himself?