The reason for this turn around is that my husband , wants to turn me into a prostitute by demanding some that I see as abnormal.

Jeff has turned into a porn addict and watches them even in his office because anytime I open his laptop when he gets back from work, I will see the pornographic videos on them.

At first, I tried to caution him but he told me they have nothing to do with me but now, it has everything to do with me. He wants us to practice things he watches in the porn movies like anal sex, fetish sex like tying me up and beating me, all sorts of weird acts.

After so much coercion, I decided to watch the porn with him one day and he actually forced me to perform those acts which I found very unsettling.

At one point, he made me suck his manhood and he came inside my mouth and forced me to swallow his sperm.

I fell sick after doing that and vomited all day but that seemed to make him very happy. The first time he tried having sex with through the anus, the pains I felt was so much that I could not defecate for a whole week.

I have suggested we visit a sex therapist but Jeff would have none of that for three weeks now, we have been having quarrels daily because of his weird fantasy.

I don't know what has gotten into my husband to make him want to go this route. I am gradually getting fed up.

What should I do?


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we want you to advise Stephanie on how to handle this situation so that it would not cause friction in her marriage.