What makes this so annoying and hurting is that my husband and his family cleverly hid this from me and now, they just want me to accept the woman and the children, just like that.

When Victor and I got married, we had planned to have four children, and just like every other couple, we hoped to have two boys and two girls but it was not to be as I gave birth to two girls in quick succession and after that, other children refused to come.

At first, Victor seemed worried but after a few years, he seemed to accept the fact that the two girls were all we would have and did not make any fuss about having male children any longer.

Even when I get worried, he would comfort me, telling me that we should not question God and that we should be happy with the girls.

Little did I know know that he was sleeping around with other women until his family brought the woman two months ago with the boys and told me she was their brother's wife and that I should accept her and live in peace.

Instead of apologizing for what he did, Victor has been telling me that I should be happy that he has male children and that he had refused to yield to pressure from his family to throw me out.

He has made it clear that I either live with the fact or move out of his house. My friends and family say I should ignore the whole issue and live in peace because of my children but I feel betrayed and insulted.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we would like you to advice Pamela on what to do in this situation.