The party was an all night event and we had a lot to eat and drink since our company had made a lot of profit last year and the directors decided to give us a great treat.

I invited my younger sister to take care of my three children with the idea that Jude will go with me to the party but at the last minute, something happened and he could not make it.

But he insisted I went to the party and if it is too late, should get a place to sleep. That is how much Jude trusts me because he knows I have never misbehaved since we got married.

We partied far into the night and I was a little bit tipsy by the time the party ended at around 2am and it was virtually impossible for me to get a cab home. My colleague, , offered to get a hotel for me to spend the night.

In my drunken state, I accepted it because Desmond has always been a nice guy and is a married man himself. Little did I know that he had a devilish plan in his mind.

He helped me into his car and within a short while, we were in the hotel and he paid for a room. By the time he managed to get me into the room, I was already very drunk and hardly aware of my environment.

Such was my surprise when I woke up the next morning to find Desmond naked beside me on the bed. I was also naked and sticky in my private parts. I quickly pulled the bedspread and covered myself before waking Desmond to ask him what he was doing on the bed naked.

He just smiled sheepishly and told me he was sure I enjoyed the sex. I screamed at him and vowed to report him to the management and the police but he leered at me, saying no one would believe me.

I managed to get home and did my best to hide the incident from my husband but since then, Desmond has not allowed me to have peace of mind. He keeps telling me he would love to continue to have sex with me or her would tell my husband.

When I called his bluff, he opened his phone gallery and showed me my naked photos, and some with him on top of me. To make matters worse, the pictures did not show that I was being raped as it seemed I was enjoying everything.

He has not stopped tormenting me and threatening to send the photos to my husband.

I am really fed up of the situation and do not know what to do.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we want you to advise Linda on what steps to take as Desmond is bent on destroying her marriage.