This is the second editor to desert her employment, following last year’s resignation by her first editor, Kelvin Keshi. Estella Ogbonna has also resigned, citing Monalisa’s inability to keep her part of their sign-on agreement.

Estella had resumed office barely two months ago after the former editor’s not so amicable departure from the magazine.

‘What a NOISY day! Friends text about my name viral on Net! WHY?! WTH!! I ain’t letting no devils distract my visions this year! #LetThemSay!’, Estella wrote on her Twitter, in reaction to news of her departure.

Her shocking exit occurs at an inconvenient time when production is about to commence for the second issue of the magazine, which comes with a reduction in pages due to unexplained circumstances.

What could be the reason for employees leaving Monalisa Chinda?