An angry housewife, Iyabo Olatunji, has appealed to the Akure Customary Court, Ondo State, to dissolve her marriage to husband, Ezekiel, on the basis that he is under his mothers control.

Olatunji, who has been married to her husband for a period of five years also added that Ezekiel is an alcoholic who physically abuses her.

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In the case heard on Friday, September 16, 2016, the aggrieved woman said, “My husband was working by his mother’s directive.

“It is my mother-in-law that gives us food and my husband will not do anything except waiting for his mother’s money.

“The worst part is that my mother-in-law will not tell her son to stop beating me.”

According to reports, the defendant has never been present during court proceedings.

In his ruling on the matter, Rotimi Olusanya, the court president commented that the continued absence of Ezekiel at the court will not prevent it from going ahead with the judgment.

He adjourned the case till September 27, 2016 for the final verdict.