A new study in the United States of America indicates more women are smoking weed more than ever before.

Women now account for 33% of users of marijuana as of late 2016. This survey was carried out by Eaze Insights. It is an American medical cannabis delivery service and industry analysts. This figure was beyond the estimated percentage of female smokers.

This upswing in figures is not only an American thing. In Nigeria, many women have started smoking marijuana. This is part of the underground but thriving weed culture in the country.

"In the past decade or so, cannabis use has become a major part of popular Nigeria culture. The dank aroma of a burning blunt is now about as common as dressing like a traffic light or bringing more shame to his immediate family and the people of Kogi State."

This is an excerpt Segun Akande, Pulse Features Writer in his article "How weed became the favourite drug of young Nigerians."

In the article, he attributes the boom in weed culture among young people to Jesse Jagz. 2013 can be described as the inflection point for weed smokers in our generation.

This year Jesse Jagz, the Chocolate City rebel, dropped a video 'Redemption', an unapologetic visual ode to weed. The video was down right so counter-cultural that women were smoking weed in the video.

Art imitates life or could spark a movement and this video by Jesse Jagz lit up a movement. Today, weed is the new drug of choice and women are participating in it.

"90% of my female friends smoke weed" Doyin* tells Pulse Gist. Doyin, 22, said she had her first drag in 2013, by November 2015 she started smoking fully.

Her first time smoking weed wasn't enjoyable according to her, "the first time wasn't cool. Maybe cos my boyfriend then gave me. I was eager to try it" she reveals. The second time she tried it was a different experience. "The second time was mad. I legit loved it."

Still, Doyin isn't a regular smoker. She describes herself as a social smoker, "probably once in three, four months" she says. "I only smoke when the opportunity presents itself."

Doyin thinks Nigerian women are now freer when it comes to weed. "Smoking wasn't something women took pride in but now..."

Jennifer*, 23, also smokes weed, at least once a week. She started when she was 17 and now buys her own weed two out of five times. Jennifer admits she smokes weed for relaxation and for other things.

"Food tastes better, shit is funnier, sex is amazing and music sounds better," she tells Pulse Gist. Jennifer also says four out of 10 of her friends indulge in the herb.

Puff, puff, pass is no longer an exclusive boys club in Nigeria. Pretty, manicured fingers take part in the herbal rotation.

*not real name