The unthinkable has happened in Nsukka, Enugu State, when a married woman was caught in the extricable web of Magun (an African charm meant to curb infidelity), after after she got

According to witnesses, after the illicit lovers were done with the stolen sex, they tried to extricate themselves to no avail. After battling for many hours, they reportedly had to shout for help and some sympathetic members of the public had to put them in a wheelbarrow and push them to the Bishop Shanahan Teaching Hospital.

Some residents of the area say that the woman’s husband had allegedly boasted that the condition of his wife and her lover was due to the Magun he had planted on her after finding out about her flirtatious character, saying that the couple would be so stuck for four days before the effect wanes off.

This is not the first time the case of Magun has been reported in Nigeria and some other parts of Africa.

Last year, the case of a married man in Yewa Local Government Area of Ogun State got stuck in a married woman he was sleeping with secretly.

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In South Africa, it was reported how a Zimbabwe man planted the planted the precautionary 'juju' called 'muthi' on his wife and his best friend got stuck in her when they were having their secret sexual tryst.

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Even in Kenya, a cheating police officer and his secret lover were caught in the web of Magun when he was caught red handed stuck between the legs of his secret lover who is a married woman.

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But medical science has attempted to explain away the incidences of lovers getting stuck in one another. According to research, people are able to get stuck together while having intercourse - a rare occurrence known as 'penis captivus', where the vagina muscles clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual.