Here, we are what we are: brothers. We let down our guards and talk, talk, and talk. The sisters have their hair salons, the changing rooms, just about anywhere they meet up to talk about who just bought a new shoe, whose dress sense is wacky, even if she has the nicest dress code, who is bitchy and who should be cut off from the list of friends.

Here at Lekky’zLounge, we have no time to hate the brother with the best haircut, instead we get a recommendation to the barber; we keep each other abreast of the latest spot in town to get the best chicks, catfish or the ‘

We discuss our football teams, raise our voices to high heavens as if we are gonna fight, we back our teams to win; we know the names of the players in our teams and we talk about them with a passion. But at the end of the day, we share drinks like the men we are.

Yes, most importantly, at Lekky’zLounge, we talk about women, sex, how to get them laid, who has the loveliest figure, who has the best bum and who will make a very good lay. We debate, analyze, evaluate, scrutinize and dissect babes.

We get tempted to ‘,’ but real brothers do not do that. Yeah, we are true brothers and we keep our bond. If a brother calls another up, there will be ‘’ thrown about but in the end, they have got each other’s backs.

Yes, that lets you know we are the brothers.

Well, we are not that selfish. Some sisters are welcome into the Lekky’zLounge… but hey, hold on a bit and listen up: we do not welcome whiners; we do not want any of your feminist views; we get enough of that from our girlfriends, concubines and wives, so shove it.

Be nice and we will be nice to you but step out of bounds and off you go. You are in the brothers’ den, so you must play by our rules.

Brothers, let’s have a ride in the Lekky’zLounge.