As you probably know, November is Jumia’s Black Friday month, where we bring the American sales bonanza to deserving Nigerians, like you! Yes, that’s right - the month of November is when you can afford to buy even the most expensive things online… because they will ALL be cheap!

You may remember last year’s Black Friday, where we broke the rules and set the unprecedented sales record in Nigeria’s e-commerce history.

And because we know how much a good deal means to our people, we’re back at it again this year - twice bigger and twice better!

Jumia Food is starting the festivities with its Flash Sales, where your lunch and dinner meals will benefit from recession-proof deals. But remember, it’s first come, first serve!

The Jumia Food Flash Sale runs from the 14th up to and including the 24th November 2016.

To participate, visit on your browser between 12 noon-1pm for the lunch sale and 6pm-7pm for the dinner sale to quickly claim the deals of the day…

...OR visit the Jumia Food Black Friday Page to participate in the flash sale directly!

And of course, we’re just getting warmed up. This only the beginning of THE MOTHER OF ALL FOOD DEALS which will follow the Flash Sales from the 25th November 2016.

That’s our insider tip. Don’t dull o - experience the food you love, delivered fast (this time, with extra goodies!)

This is a feature by Jumia Food.