Whether it’s in real life or on social media, sex sells. In this new Internet age, no-one understands this better than a generation of Instagram thots who sell sex online with an elaborate step-by-step scheme that reaps them thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

When Instagram was launched, it unleashed the amateur photographer inside all of us that was itching to show the world what we did on a daily basis.

Since then, various opportunities have been explored on the platform and the chance to share photos has been put to use in many surprising ways.

While you may be satisfied to just share photos of that time when your savings were enough to take you to you to Intercontinental hotels, Instagram models (for lack of a better term) are amassing followers, selling sex (or the idea of it) and reaping thousands of dollars.

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On the surface, it may seem like just coincidence but in truth, making money by selling sex on social media takes a careful understanding of the platform and the ‘target audience’.

Yes, sex sells, but a photo of a half-naked body is not enough to convince you, me or anyone to part with our money. In the end, it requires an elaborate scheme that takes weeks, months or even a year to yield results.

Here’s how it goes:

(1) Create an account:

Opening an account is actually not as simple as one would imagine. First, the model has to make a choice of what platform to use. Snapchat is a lot more discreet because photos and videos disappear after 24 hours.

On the other hand, Instagram gives access to a wider audience and profiles are much easier to find. When the thot chooses the platform, she then needs to contend with the choice of what name to use.

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This is important because, if the name is too complex, e.g BlackBra3245, the chances of anyone finding her are as slim as the eye of a needle.

As such, most Instagram models tend to use their government or ‘stage’ names. These are usually simple, easy to share, making it easy to identify them when they build a reputation.

(2) Post attractive photos:

Instagram models know that their photos directly affect their chances of success, so they put extra effort into every last detail. Every single thing matters, from the dress they have on (which is usually non-existent) to the lighting in the room when the photo is taken.

It’s absurd how a simple Ludwig filter can make a naked body look sexy and they understand this more than most.

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The time and frequency of posting photos are also important; most Instagram thots post photos early in the morning or late at night to target people browsing through their feeds at that time.

(3) Find a recruiter:

So, you know how freelance writers have agents who help them get paying gigs in return for a percentage? Instagram thots and models have recruiters who link them up with wealthy patrons and take a cut off their proceeds.

Finding these recruiters is not as easy as it seems because, in truth, it is the recruiters who find the models.

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When a well-connected recruiter finds an account that he likes, he often reaches out to the model and begins to work with her.

Instagram models hold these recruiters in high regard because finding the right one can give them a taste of wealth.

(4) Providing contact information:

The Instagram thot knows that if she posts the right types of photos and employs the right strategy, her follower count will rise and with it, the number of people interested.

She must then find a way to get anyone who’s interested enough to reach her.

Ever wondered why, when you check an IG thot’s photos, you find hundreds of thirsty, badly-behaved people posting comments that she will never respond to?

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That’s because they are just fodder. Depending on the platform she’s using, the thot usually provides a phone number, an email address, her agent’s contact ‘for bookings’ or any other means that works.

It is the people who reach her through these means that she takes seriously.

(5) Sliding into the DMs:

The problem is that not everyone who contacts the model is a serious person, and she knows this. So she has a choice; find a way to filter out all the 22-year-olds with too much data and airtime or interact with everyone.


Engaging patrons is a lot of work, which is why some of them actually have agents. Where they don’t, the conversations ate usually very direct and straight-to-the-point with a focus on what matters; how much money is involved.

Eventually, when she decides if a person has enough to afford her services, she then makes a deal for her services.

(6) Show. Me. The. Money:

Adult models are some of the most hard-working people on Instagram or the entire world, really.

Because while you sit at your desk slapping keyboards, they have to travel across cities and countries for a taste of money, fame and some bodily fluids.

Over the last year, there have been reports of Instagram thots who travel to cities like Dubai to have sex and satisfy fetishes for obscene amounts of money.

This year, that trend has become a case of thots coming to Nigeria at the request of the country’s super-rich.

Regardless of whether you view this as a moral or business issue, Instagram thots are having all forms of sex in exchange for money. Not everybody with a sexy figure and the right camera makes it big in their world so selling sex online takes strategy and massive effort.