A village deep in Niger

In this village women go around topless and show off their breasts. This startling revelation was made by a man identified as Nafiu Umar Balarabe.

In his post online, Balarabe described the inhabitants of the village where woman walk topless as pagans. He also stated that Christians have been trying to convert the villagers to become Christians.

"This is a challenge to all Muslim Community in the North and especially from North central. This village is called Birnin Amina in Rijau Local Government of Niger state.

“The community there they don’t practice any religion but paganism. Now our people of the other religions are taking advantage of their situation by clothing them as you can see on the picture below.

“Their main aim is convert them into Christianity. This is a challenge to both of us. Pls let’s do something in time" he wrote.

Balarabe's statement is a call from Muslims to join in on the race to convert these villagers to the Islamic faith. He makes it sound like some sort of religious competition, a conquering of unchartered lands.

This sort of points to one of the major flaws of organised religion in Nigeria. There is a thirst to have more followers and brag about who has more people in his church or mosque.

The well-being of people is placed at the back. Religion should focus on how to make the lives of people better irrespective of whether they worship Jesus, Allah or some other god.

Religion in Nigeria would have more depth if religious organizations care more about people around them than filling up their venues.