A divorce seeker named Femi Ojikutu, has requested a Magistrates court sitting in Lagos, to dissolve his marriage to his wife over allegations of adultery.

According to Ojikutu, though not present, his wife's lover sent in a name suggestion during the christening of their child, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

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Telling the court, he said, "My wife's lover, Temitope, gave my child his name on the day of christening",

"My wife is unfaithful, she made love to her lover while she was pregnant."

"I discovered this when she slept off after chatting on facebook. What attracted me to the chat was my name that I saw on the screen and I was curious to read their conversation."

"Her lover told her that he enjoyed the sex they had together and my pregnant wife also appreciated him for giving her a good sex."

"Because of their chat, I denied the paternity of the baby from the womb up till now because I am not sure I am the baby’s biological father."

"Also in that chat, my wife told her lover everything about me, my full name, where I work and where the guy can locate me and since that day I became afraid because I do not know what they were up to."

"When I informed her mother about her daughter's conversation with a man, she told me that I was lucky that her daughter did not bring the man to our matrimonial bed,’’ he said.

In his complaint, Ojikutu accused his wife of being uncaring, stating that she does not feed him properly.

The court's president, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, in his ruling, told the parties to settle the case within their family.

The case has been adjourned till July 26, 2016, according to reports.