Indian Monks survive on human flesh

A group of Indian monks who live near burial grounds and feed from decaying dead bodies have been discovered.

A gory discovery has been made in the Varanasi area in India where an exiled group of Aghori monks living near crematoriums and are said to feast on human flesh.

They tribe which are said to be greatly feared, have embraced the taboo, choosing to live near the death pyres and engaging in bizarre rituals that go beyond the mere macabre, reports

The monks whose population has dwindled to about 20, are known to drink from human skulls, dine on human flesh and even bite the head of live animals.

In search of spiritual enlightenment, they will also meditate on top of a human corpse and use human remains to build altars or even cover themselves.

The Aghori monks of Varanasi are feared throughout India and are believed to be able to see the future.

Living near India’s outdoor funeral pyres, they use bodies that are disposed of in the area rather than cremated, turning the remains of the poor into objects for their rituals.

They abhor any form of clothing and other personal objects, and are said to be the most devout practitioners of their spiritual practices which is living on what others throw away, eating scavenged food and even fecal matter to survive.

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