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The 38-year-old fraudster was arrested after he reported his friend and partner in crime, Kenneth Okogba, also known as Biggie, to the police claiming he was a kidnapper and a fraudster but during investigations, the police discovered that Simon was actually a fraudster who was duped by Okogba, whose friend duped of money he in turn defrauded from an American.

Simon's complaint to the police led to the smashing of the scam syndicate and the arrest of seven suspects, including Simon himself.

According to the police, Simon was angry that his partner, Okogba, had duped him of the sum of $7090, (about of N2.3 million), he had defrauded an American named Mr. Sesebegude via the Internet.

Simon had allegedly instructed Okogba to go to the bank and pick the money with the agreement that they will share the money in the ratio of 70-30 with Simon, the 'catcher', getting the larger share while Okogba, the 'picker', was to get the lesser share.

But after picking the money, Okogba disappeared into thin air and after several frustrating attempts to get his share of the money failed, Simon went to the SCID to lodge the  complaint against Okogba.

During his interrogation, Simon was said to have told the police:

"The police should release me; I’m not a criminal and I shouldn’t be treated as one. Yahoo-yahoo is just a creative means of making money.

I have been in this business since 2006. This is the only way I fend for my family. It’s better than to engage in crimes like stealing or kidnapping.

Since I started, I have been getting few coins like $100 or $200, which I have been using to cloth myself. But this particular money which I got from my client, Mr. Sesebegude, an American citizen, was my ultimate breakthrough. The money was $7090, the equivalent of N2, 2546, 20.

Biggie was the picker; that’s the person who gets the money from the bank. But since he picked the money, he has not given me my share, which was 70 percent of the total money.

I met Biggie several times to give me my share, but he always threatened me. I got frustrated and reported him to the police at SCID, Panti."

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"I went with a copy of the payment slip, which affirmed that Biggie received the money. I told the police that Biggie was a kidnapper so that they would arrest him as soon as possible.

I knew I told a lie, but Biggie is an ex-convict. He has served his jail term. I don’t know the crime he committed that made him go to jail.”