Babes who have football crazy baes should forget about this weekend because it is about to be lit.

Girlfriends who have made plans should scrap them because this weekend is all about football. Yes, that means guy will be dumping their babes for the TV as the biggest teams.

This is not just another weekend of European football, this is THE weekend of European football. There are six hot matches that any true lover of football fan would dare not miss.

The football fiesta starts tomorrow, Saturday, November 19, 2016, when Arsenal travels to Manchester to face their rivals Manchester United. With the popularity of the two teams and the English Premier League in Nigeria, it means that most guys in relationships will be in viewing centres sweating it out and throwing bants on Twitter. That match is going down at 1:30pm.

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Thirty minutes after that match is another top clash- Southampton vs Liverpool. Liverpool has been beasting so far this season. If they win this match it would continue their march to their first title in over two decades.

In Germany, it's the clash of the big boys, Dortmund vs Bayern Munich at 6:00pm.

Babes, if you think that's the end of Saturday matches you are wrong. At 7:45pm is the Madrid derby, Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid featuring the world's best player at the moment Cristiano Ronaldo. Maybe after this match is over you can get some precious time with boo.

On Sunday, November 20, 2016, the football games continue in Turkey as Galatasaray vs Fenerbahçe clash at 6pm. Anyone who knows anything about Turkish football knows this match is pretty much a big deal.

After the Turkish derby, the Milan derby kicks off at 8:45pm. As you can see darling this is not the weekend to plan big events for you and bae. Just follow him to the viewing centre and shout when he shouts and celebrate when he celebrates. This weekend football is bae.