A middle-aged woman,

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According to the State Command in a statement, the disappearance of the baby was reported on Friday, August 19, 2016, and the police swung into action and their concerted efforts paid off when the kidnappers were traced and arrested and the baby recovered and handed over to its biological parents.

Ngozi Anyanwu and her son, Goodluck are accused of stealing a baby

Photo Credit: Okeama News

While parading the mother-son kidnap duo, the Commissioner of Police in the state, Taiwo Lakanu, said that when he received the news of the incident, he mandated his men to make sure the culprits were found and the baby rescued and two days later, the suspects were nabbed.

While confessing to the crime, Ngozi said she stole the baby to punish the matron of the maternity who was owing her a huge sum of money and refused to pay her after so many promises.

The baby with his parents

Photo Credit: Okeama News

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"I did not intend to sell the baby or do anything bad to him. I only took him so as to punish the matron of the clinic because she owed me a huge sum of money and refused to return it.

She has also done so many bad things to me and my family. I am sorry but I did not wish to harm the baby. I am a mother myself."