Sir Elton John doesn't only think if Jesus were to be on earth now, he could have supported gay marriage but he also believes the head of the Roman Catholic Church,  Pope Francis will give his support too!

In an interview with Sky News earlier this week, John mentioned he distasted the way the Catholic Church handles gay and gay marriages. Plus he thinks the ancestral rules as to force Catholic priests to remain chaste and not to allow members of the gay clergy to marry, are "stupid junk."

But maybe we will see the end of this archaic tunnel with Pope Francis, "he is wonderful", John said. "It excites me so much by his humanity," said the singer talking about the head of the Roman Catholic Church. "He brings back all the humility of faith. He reduces everything to the point and says that everything is a matter of love and completeness. This is what should be encouraged by the Church of England."

John and his partner, David Furnish announced their intention to marry this year, now that the marriage is legal in England, but he explained that he had to be delayed because they are already PACS."But when we will," he has promised, "it will be very intimate and spontaneous: it was great reception when we got PACS."

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