Millennials are not really into mainstream media. News from traditional media outlets is treated with scepticism. Most young people prefer to get their news from their timeline or trusted media apps.

In a bid to save its future the higher ups at CNN have acquired an app known as Beme owned by YouTube star Casey Neistat. Last week Neistat announced to his 5.7 million fans that he was quitting his daily video blog to take a job with CNN.

The news network acquired Casey Neistat's app for $25m. Beme will cease to exist from January 31, 2017. Neistat will now focus his energy on creating a separate company that will draw in the younger demographic that don't tune into CNN. The company will create content that will allow the audience talk about it and share also.

"It’s going to be very different from Beme and bigger than a single product."

“There is a tremendous distrust between the audience that watches my content online and the information that is put out by traditional media. Our broad ambition is to figure out a way with tech and media to bridge the gigantic divide" told The Verge.

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"Casey has tapped into nearly six million really powerful viewers, most of which do not tune into CNN. To build this audience authentically, we believe we need to build something new"  Andrew Morse, global head of CNN Digital, told New York Times.

The CNN stand alone project will kick off in 2017 although no certain date has scheduled.

We are here waiting for when NTA and AIT will embark on youth-oriented media news services and apps.