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Candid Thots Guys, Here Are The Reasons To Stay Single

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The joy of being single play

The joy of being single

Girlfriends; wives; - who actually needs them? Ladies think our whole lives depend on them but we are happy to disappoint them. We do not need them to survive. We’re often told that the accepted way to drive through life is with a wife.

Well, guess what? It's time to put that ‘white picket fence’ influence to rest. If getting hitched was a road trip, it'd be punching cruise control on some boring route surrounded by endless cornfields.

But you're not that codependent guy. You're the lone wolf. You're not just embarking on a trip, but an adventure, because you want to carve your own path and truly discover what scenery the drive has to offer.

And as a single man, you're not on some marooned path either. Do you know statically, single men are the happiest people on earth? Now take a look at this: you wake up with no thought of making up your bed; you drive to work, come back anytime you want, hang out with the boys, go watch Arsenal maul Manchester United, come back drunk at 2 am and there is no one to give you a Breathalyzer test or scream at leaving her at home all day while gallivanting with other women. Is that not a fun life?

We live in a completely different society today and whether you're on this journey of bachelorhood by choice or not, you should be damn well proud of your present status. You sir, are a 21st-century man - and those kinds of men don't have to adhere to those ancient social norms of ‘relationship or die.’

Here are good enough reasons to be single.

You'll Be More Philanthropic

Whether you realize it or not, as a single guy, you're generally looking to impress women. And with that comes some possible side benefits. As a single guy, you take care of many women than you know. You see, women are little fluffy things that need to be stuffed with gifts, lunches and dinners and if you are hooked, you won’t be able to take care of this philanthropic part of you and for the common good. Nice guys end up donating more when they are in the company of attractive females than they do when they were surrounded by other men. By that logic, not being tied down to anyone makes you a better philanthropist ... right?

Sleep Better

How can you disagree with a good night's rest? It's true, you get a better sleep when you're crashing in your own bed by yourself. You won't get kicked in the middle of the night; there are no pushes or cover grabs to deal with. According to a survey conducted by the Nigerian Sleep Foundation, a bed mate can cause you to lose an average of 49 minutes of sleep per night. And we all know that every extra minute counts when you're hitting ‘snooze’ in the a.m.

More Likely To Get Hired

Today's labour market is a tough one. But lucky for you, if you're looking for new work opportunities, you can go swinging with confidence knowing that you actually have the upper hand as a single man. According to reports from the University of Ibadan, single men and women are more likely to find work than married couples.

Save More Money

When you're single, there's no disagreement about what you're spending or saving for. Plus, all you have to worry about financially is yourself; no school fees to worry about, no ‘Saturday market’ allowance, no toys for birthdays, and no extra hospital bills. But when you're married, the expenses pile up - dates, gifts, wedding ring, moving to a bigger apartment, ‘necessary’ stylish furniture purchases.

Stay In Better Shape

One side effect that often occurs when you're in a serious relationship is that you tend to lose that drive to stay in shape. You've mentally settled, do you've let yourself go and you've lost the desire to hit the gym. You don't believe this? Take a look at the most hippest guy who got married five years ago. I bet you he will have bloated and developed a distended stomach that was not there. But as a single guy, you're more motivated to try to stay fit to be an attractive option for the next woman that comes into your life.

Hang Out With The Boys

As you devote more time to your wife or ‘serious’ partner, you can bet that your friends will be the ones to suffer as you will not have enough time for them. Whether you like to admit it or not, your buddies will be taking a back seat to your girl. But being single allows you to maintain those friendships and head out for drinks with the guys whenever you want. And here's the kicker; you might live longer with the buds. According to a study from the University of Maiduguri, guys with many friends were 30 per cent less likely to die sooner than those with fewer friends.

Casual Sex Decreases Your Chances Of Depression

Let's just get straight to the obvious point: If you're single, you get to meet and sleep with as many women as you choose. (At least, the ones who will not want to get stuck with you.) Forget about lying next to one person every night. As a single man, every night out can be a new chapter. And guess what? That spontaneity of casual encounters is actually healthy for you. According to another research carried out by the Nigerian Bachelors’ Association, males who engaged in casual sex reported the fewest symptoms of depression. Just be safe, of course.

Be More Productive

When you lock yourself into a committed relationship, - the marriage, the kids, the white picket fence - your ability to be productive in your personal goals diminishes. But there's actual evidence that being a solo warrior will provide you with the motivation to achieve them. Studies have shown that testosterone levels, which boost action, decrease after a man gets married and has children.

You're Less Stressed

When you're single, the only confrontation you deal with at home involves reminding your roommate that it's their turn to empty the dishwasher. But when you're married and living with a person 24/7, the disagreements and fights are on another level. And, sometimes, those arguments are so stressful that they actually cause more damage to us than we think. According to a study, marital conflicts produce elevated levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline, which raise blood pressure. Marital stress also triggers the production of cytokines, small proteins that set the inflammatory cascade in motion. Inflammation is a newly recognized cardiac risk factor, so while a heart attack may not be something you worry about right now, being single could benefit your health long-term.

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