Policemen attached to the Imota Police Station in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State, were shocked to the bone marrow when the contents of two 25-litre jerry-cans they found in the possession of two men they arrested, turned out to be human blood.

The arrested men identified as Alfa Balogun Tajudeen Ogunsanya, who hails from Gberigbe community in Ikorodu, and an unidentified stranger who residents were not able to identify, were arrested in the early hours of yesterday trying to sneak away with the containers which police initially suspected to be stolen petroleum product since the area has an high occurrence of pipeline vandalization, but they were dumbfounded when they turned out to be fresh human blood.

One of the residents of Gberigbe, who gave his name as Amos Oludero, narrated how the men were arrested:

We identified one of the men as a native of this town but the other man is strange to us. They wanted to alight from a car near the town hall opposite Fezbam filling station, each of them with a 25-litre jerrycan. While Ogusanya came down first, the cover of the jerrycan being carried by the second man opened and blood spilled on the ground.

Oludero said this attracted the attention of other residents and passers-by who came together and discovered the kegs were full of blood.

He added that they were immediately arrested and taken to Imota Police Station by policemen.

However, another resident said that it might be a move by Ogunsanya to incriminate another family over a land dispute.

This was attempted in the past in a case of land dispute. The appeal court ruled in favour of Orelabi family on the disputed mass of land in Gberigbe. The Alfa arrested yesterday is from Ogunsanya family. He might be going to keep the cans in the compound of the other family and later call the police to arrest members of that family.

Meanwhile, the police said the men had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, (SCID), Panti, for further investigation.