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"I want to apologize to many people who are so sick about that statement. I am so sorry. It wasn't intentional. The way the questions was thrown to me I just said what was in my mind" said Bobrisky during his live interview with Pulse TV.

In the interview he said he is in support of the anti-gay law in Nigeria which angered popular Nigerian LGBT activist Bisi Alimi. After apologizing Bobrisky went on to say that it is still important to have kids irrespective of a person's sexual orientation.

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"You can have fun from now to whenever you like. I think it is very, very important to have your own kids. You can do whatever you want but just make sure you have your own kids that will call you father. Always try and remember that when you are growing old, you would want your kids to bury you. And don't let the fun you are having overwhelm you" he said.

He went on to personally apologize to Bisi Alimi and also revealed he had earlier reached out to him via Instagram. In another clip Bobrisky told Pulse on why he bleached his skin and started wearing make up.

In recent months, Bobrisky's profile has greatly increased thanks to his viral snaps. According to him he has 90,000 followers on the social media app and two brands have already approached him for business.